With experience in the kitchen and on camera, Dan offers corporate brands a one-stop shop for recipe development, web/print photography, and complete video production. Working together with brands and brand managers to craft a campaign, Renegade Kitchen then takes care of scripting, filming, hosting, and editing quick and shareable videos primed to excite and build national and digital fan bases.

Past clients include...

When I'm not in the kitchen, I'm on stage. Here are some highlights from my theatrical escapades!

Flashdance 1st National Tour, Pre-Broadway Tryout

Traveling the country in spandex for 8 months was an adventure of a lifetime. It is a great joy to be an original cast member, there's nothing like building a show!

Blue Man Group: New York, Berlin, Las Vegas

A collection of my televised appearances, from Blue Man Group to Law and Order.

Click the bullseye for my digital portfolio.

Click the bullseye for my digital portfolio.