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Broiled Salmon Collars

What started as some fun highlighting on my photography has devolved into deranged doodling inspired by the shapes of various foodstuffs. Though the above photos are now relatively useless, the salmon nibbles inspired quite a hat for my imaginary friend.

Looking to save some money in the kitchen? Eat things that other people consider scrap material. Buy fish heads, lamb ribs, feet, bones, and other animalia. Though in some markets salmon collars will be sold as a highbrow protein, if you ask to purchase the heads, unbutchered, you’ll often evade the markup and come home with twice the meat.

If you do come home with whole fish heads, cut the collar off (the bit at the end of the head, a few wing shaped pieces), then take a cleaver and split the heads from nose to neck. Heat your broiler until it is screaming hot, hotter than you think wise. Salt and pepper the fish bits to your liking, place them skin side up on a roasting tray and slide them into your oven/broiler just a few inches away from the heat. The skin will crisp up in 4-8 minutes, and the flesh will still be tender.

Not much use in marinating the heads, they’ll splatter so much under the heat that it becomes a hazard. Rather, make a strong dipping sauce, commit to eating with your fingers, and welcome a cheap and decadent meal to your repertoire.