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Rosemary Apple Cornbread

Give me more nights that bring family together at a table, more reasons to eat with company. Hide the phones, open the wine and feast. Since I moved into my new apartment I’ve tried to have company at my dinner table at least once a week. I admit to a more than passing pride in “going-it-alone,” and there are certainly times for eating alone, but those come easily. Without trying I eat most of my meals by myself. I snack on eggs in the morning, I crunch through an absurd lunch at my desk, and most of the time I eat dinner from a warm bowl in front of my television. So, taking the step to ensure that at least one of my meals during the week is eaten in the company of others is necessary.

Thanksgiving is one of many reminders that everything tastes better with company. Packing a family together salts the food, dusts the desserts with sweet tradition and, yes, even adds some bitterness to the greens. More family, more flavor.

My sister owns Thanksgiving in our family. By now we’ve discussed the menu on multiple occasions, plucking and tucking, scheming and creaming our way through a dozen recipes until the artillery for the evening is set. She mentioned a skillet cornbread this year that whet my appetite, so I’m posting this video of my Rosemary-Apple Cornbread (made in the requisite skillet) to return the favor.

Cheers darlings, here’s to another year of eating together (digitally or otherwise)!