IACP 2010, Portland Day 1 Video

Ladies and Chickens, this is what you’ve been waiting for. At the end of April, Renegade Kitchen hit the road and took the show to IACP 2010. I spent a week in Portland with some of the hungriest culinary minds eating, drinking, laughing and learning. In between the edification I boogied around and filmed interviews with attendees, vendors, speakers and volunteers. Many thanks to everyone who spoke into my camera during the conference-your bravery is to be commended.

Here’s the first film (yes, this will be a series). Day 1 of IACP 2010-checking in, making some friends, celebrity sightings, the usual. It was a brilliantly full day of classes and handshaking. We left lunch with a charming little ceramic crock from Le Creuset (who didn’t covet another?). The first day was superb, everything kept in check by the IACP volunteers. If you were clothed in orange during the week, you have my heartfelt thanks. Music in this clip is courtesy of Purse Candy over at Rock out.