RK Interview: Oogave

Friends, it is time we discuss something serious.

(or pop)
Call it what you like, it’s usually full of junk.

Enter Oogave.

This, dear friends, is a soda Renegade Kitchen can get behind.
The fine gentlemen (and one lady) of Oogave invited us for a tour of their bottling plant and when we left, we swore to spread the good word.

The good word:
Oogave is an all natural soda sweetened only with Agave.
i.e.- mega low on the glycemic index
Watching your sugar intake?  This is the soda for you.
The company is one of the few independent bottlers in the nation (Go Colorado!) and they have wonderful homegrown roots in the Denver restaurant scene.

They currently bottle six flavors:
Cola (caffeinated only with green tea)
Watermelon Cream
Ginger Ale
Mandarin-Key Lime
Root Beet (our favorite)

Oogave is soda done right.  Go out and buy some today.
Your body will thank you.

This is where you can find them.

Now watch our interview and go out and spread the word.