New York would be a much less stable city without late-night access to cheap pizza. Everyone here keeps a few dollar-slice outposts stashed in the back of our minds so that on serendipitously stumbling walks home we can stop at one of those islands for the only nourishment that matters after midnight: greasy, cheesy, chewy, doughy, and filling.

And to make the deal even better, that sustenance is cheap. Super cheap. You can fill your belly for a few bucks, laying down a cushion of carbs to soak up whatever it is you chose to celebrate with earlier in the evening. On a single serving basis you get exactly what you want and precisely what you need for not much more than the change weighing down your front pocket.

And better still? Making the pro-hack of buying an entire pie to split between a few buddies on that long walk home. You’ve now dropped the price point to <$1/slice, secured yourself some extra bites, and get to cheer triumphantly at your success.

When you find yourself making a long digital walk home at the end of a creative rush, Vimeo Plus is your dollar-slice saviour. Buy a monthly package and that slice will give you the boost you need to finish your project. And better still? Buy a yearly package for half the price of the monthlies and that whole pie will sustain you through multiple events, deadlines, creative exploits, and heartfelt animations.

If your head is throbbing from staring at the screen and your current project says, “Go home, you’re drunk,” make the smart choice and check out Vimeo+. It’s one solid decision that will keep you from falling into this crowd:

Vimeo+ gives you the tools you need to be a constant creator. Don’t get hung up on file size, resolution, or statistics, this is your no-holds-barred opportunity to make everything you see in your head. Buy the pizza. Try a slice first and if you like it, next time buy the whole pie. Vimeo+ is the support you need to be the artist you are.

There was no place on your application to add my short list of much-loved malapropisms, so I’m adding them here, as a postscript to my sample blog post. I grew up watching reruns of All in the Family with my older siblings and Archie Bunker will forever live in my head as the king of malaprop. My favorites:

“Buy one of them battery operated transvestite radios.”
“Oh great, a menstrual show.”
“In closing, I’d like to say Molotov!”