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Though champagne can be consumed year round, most of us turn to the bubbly stuff when December pushes its last seconds through the hourglass. As I pour myself a cold flute of the golden liquid my mind turns to the more technical aspects of this spectacular drink. It’s time to investigate the physics of champagne!

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Chocolate Coconut Soft Serve

Want the secret to a killer party trick? Buy a pound of dry ice and make your guests instant soft serve ice cream after dinner, then toss your hair over your shoulder and say, "Oh, this? It's nothing." Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide and reaches dangerously low temperatures (-109 degrees!), which is perfect for making icy desserts. 

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Dinnergeddon 7.0

Dinnergeddon is a truly magnificent event and Andrew Hyde is a dinner party hero. This is the seventh incarnation, by far our largest gathering. Thank you to the guests who make this a true joy. As usual the menu was entirely Paleo friendly: tamarind-citrus chicken, mashed plantains, and cilantro-jicama slaw. This will be my last dinnergeddon in Boulder for a while and I'll miss it. Love all around.