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Farm City Fair 2010

This is totally meme-worthy.

My sister (heretofore known as Therese) forwarded me some info on a local food event that she would not be able to attend. Fortunately it fit perfectly into my schedule. The Farm City Fair is a celebration of urban fooding, local farming and agricultural artmaking. Sponsored by the FI:AF (French Institute:Alliance Francaise), it took up a few blocks of Cobble Hill as well as the interior of the Invisible Dog Gallery. The crisply witted @kthread was my date and we ate, laughed and reveled in the blissfully weird event.

We arrived to find a fair somewhat smaller than we had imagined. Maybe it was the grey sky, but from a distance the tenting along the block looked sparse. Maybe this would be a short adventure.

And then music.

Asphalt Orchestra was playing, dancing, shouting, grooving and bumping the fair into a capital event, it was now a full fledged FAIR. Grinning from the music (well, that and terribly attractive horn players) @kthread and I ran an initial lap around the booths to see who was there. Hydroponics advocates, local restaurants, kombucha breweries and local love all over the place. Ducking inside the gallery we finished our preliminary lap around the vendor tables to find Wylie Dufresne plating up some poached eggs. Obviously we would be back to sample.

The short story here is this: homegrown fairs are fabulous. We left the block filled to the brim with good food and giant smiles, more than enough to carry us home through a light mist.

You should watch the video through to the end. We made a very special friend.

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