Columbia Celiac Carnival

Rocket Sauce.

Awesome things happen in the celiac community. For instance: The Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University held a benefit at Carnival in Manhattan. The center has been around since 2002 and their aim is simple-make life with celiac disease easier. They work to improve patient care so that once someone is diagnosed that person doesn’t have to struggle to find their own path to health. Sound familiar? I think we can all agree that we wouldn’t want anyone to have to go through this alone. The center is run by Dr. Peter Green, a celiac specialist and perfectly charming bloke from Australia. Dr. Green took some time to chat with me at the benefit about the center and the particular importance of physician education. I also had the grand pleasure of talking with Craig Pinto. Craig is the field kicker for the New Jersey Revolution, which is to say-PRO ATHLETE+CELIAC DISEASE=ROCKSTAR. Craig works his buns off to make sure that people are well educated about the disease and he was a saint for inviting me to this event. In September he’ll be breaking the Guinness Record for the most field goals scored in 12 hours all in the name of Celiac Disease. Obviously I will be on hand to make some video mayhem. This new video has some great info from Dr. Green and Craig talks about his history with the disease. It’s not even five minutes, how could you pass this up?