Outrageous Baking

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Get ready.

This is Outrageous Baking.

Welcome to the first Renegade Kitchen Interview. 
Outrageous Baking is your source for the tastiest gluten-free/dairy-free cakes.

What kind of cakes you ask?
Pumpkin, Chocolate Zucchini, Coffeecake, Banana Bread and Lemon Poppyseed.

Here’s the deal friends-
Pamela Fletcher is the brains behind Outrageous Baking. She is rocking out cakes that you can (and should) serve at your next party.  These cakes are the supreme crossover delight-eat them because you are living gluten-free, serve them to your friends and family because they will never know they are eating something alternative.

Check out the video above.

We have a special guest in the kitchen.

The inimitable Grace.
(cook with your kids, smiles make everything taste better)

Live in Colorado?
Outrageous Baking can be found in over 40 coffee shops from Boulder to Eagle and everywhere in between.  Now you don’t have to carry your own GF snack in your backpack every time you grab coffee with your friends.

Coming Soon-Outrageous Baking in your local Whole Foods.

Can’t find Pamela’s cakes at your favorite hangout?
Talk to the owner.
Tell them to watch our interview.
Get in touch with Pamela (www.outrageousbaking.com/contact)
They should be carrying Outrageous Baking.

Don’t live in Colorado?
Craving some GF cake?
Talk to your stores, shops, bakeries and restaurants.
Put them in touch with Pamela.

Let’s get the word out on Outrageous Baking.
Buy the cakes, Share the cakes, Eat the cakes.

Pamela is the ultimate Renegade Baker.
Thank you for inviting us into your kitchen and sharing your story.

Get online: www.outrageousbaking.com