Chef Basket


I am an Infomercial!

Here’s the best part about filming a cheese-ball infomercial: the woman who runs my laundromat recognized me! I walked in the other day and she said, “Dan, are you a chef?” Confused, I answered hesitantly, “Yes.” “I knew it! I saw you on TV and I screamed and my son came running and he said ‘Mommy are you OK?,’ and I said ‘I’m fine. I know him.’”

Over the summer I shot an informercial for something called the Chef Basket. Maybe you’ve seen it? It’s a wire mesh basket. It’s ridiculous. And they didn’t even give me one when I left! Clearly I am outraged. Bonus side to this? More people have called me to tell me they saw this infomercial than have seen my Law and Order episode. So I guess that teaches us something about the reach of absurd kitchen gadgets. Also apparently my friends watch a ton of daytime crap TV. Not judging. (Maybe a little).

Watch it!