Get Out for Immigration

Hey Friends-

I’ve been doing some video work for a wonderful organization called Get Equal. They’re fighting for equality for LGBT citizens and doing a damn good job of it. Last week Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a speech to the U.N. on LGBT rights across the world. It was a magnificent speech calling all nations to step up and recognize their people as full citizens. I’d love to say that our country is leading the way in LGBT civil rights, but we aren’t. Check out the video above to hear the story of one couple struggling to find a way to live in the states.


Rock on,



Get Equal

President Obama just ordered the Justice Department to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act, a piece of legislation that has been brought to court as unconstitutional. I’m thrilled. This brings us one step closer to true marriage equality, a goal I support wholeheartedly. It’s rare that I devote an entire post to something other than food, but if you know me you know how deeply this resonates with my spirit.

I have two moms. They cannot get married. I am gay. I cannot get married.

It’s time to rip these laws out of the books and treat citizens as citizens.

I had mega help making the video above. @Kthread did the photography and Blue Kid provided the soundtrack. Both of these women are glorious and have been utterly supportive of me and my projects. Love to you both.

Civil rights are for everyone.