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Home & Family: Tandoor Oven

Forget the grill, invest in a few clay pots and build a tandoor in your backyard this summer! For about $100 you can build a natural convection oven that will make you the envy of neighborhood bbq's.

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Corn bread is the quickest of quick breads. No fussy whisking, no tempering eggs. Just throw the ingredients together in a bowl and stir. And what happens when you remove it from the oven? You remember that the nip in the air isn’t so bad as long as you have comforting food like this. Don't forget to brew a pot of chili to eat alongside your cornbread!


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Cilantro Jicama Slaw

I used to think that coleslaw was an abomination. I’m not sure if it was my childhood aversion to mayo or the connotations of cafeterias and dentures that did it in, but coleslaw was on my “no, no won’t eat” list for a long time. Anyway, do you ever feel like your adult food life is spent making up for the mistakes you made in your culinary youth?