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Home & Family: Rice Varieties

Baffled by the variety of rices available to you at the grocery store these days? Check out this lesson on the anatomy and biology of rice, then learn which kind is best suited for the specific meal you're cooking!

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Home & Family: Brass Table DIY

Working with Paige Hemmis is a true joy. She let me crash her segment and talk about the science behind tarnished metal and how we can achieve beautiful colors with ingredients you've got in your pantry.

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Home & Family: Hot Sauce Science

Chasing the high of another chili pepper? Ever wonder what makes us crave spicy food? The neurological science behind the pain in your tongue is fascinating, catch it all here!

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Chili Peppers are not unique to one country or culture. Evidence of their cultivation dates back to 4,000 BC. But the love of hot foods is exclusive to humans. The rest of the animals on this planet either lack the neurological receptors to register hot food or they avoid peppers altogether, lumping them in with other poisonous plants. Why do we love them so much then?!