Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Summer

Italian Baked Beans

I often call these my pizza beans because A) it's accurate, and B) it's a great way to lie to myself so I don't order another late-night large for snacking. This is an Italian-American-inspired take on baked beans, trading Navy beans for cannellini, and swapping molasses and bacon for oregano, sausage, and parmesan. 

Breakfast, Dinner, Fall, Gluten Free, Side, Snack


Chewy, gooey, crusty mozzarella sticks are a staple of middle-American menus. Kids love them, adults love them, there's nothing not to love. But there is something to improve. When you want a treat like that at home, skip the frozen food aisle and our microwave. Instead, make a batch of paneer, cut it into slices, and fry it in hot oil. You'll love the dense cheese with a crisp crust.