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Black Pepper Fennel Pickle

My sister once called fennel a snooty vegetable and I have, ever since, been on a crusade to defend its good name. In this recipe the floral bulbs spend ample time in a bath of vinegar and pepper until they are suffused with a bracing flavor. Put this out on the table while you fix cocktails for your guests, it's the perfect accompaniment for a cold drink.

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Fall, Side, Snack, Veggies, Winter

Cranberry Pickled Cauliflower

Hunting for an easy appetizer to serve over the holiday season? Look no further! This cauliflower emerges from its bath painted in crimson and scented with rosemary. It's the perfect nibble to put on the table while you're puttering away in the kitchen and your guests are mingling.

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Home & Family: Candy Cane Cycle

Today on Home & Family I set out to work with hot sugar on live television. It was a train wreck! Thankfully we had 90 seconds at the end of the show in which I redeemed myself and worked quickly with hot sugar. You know you love a disaster, watch these clips!

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Infusions Abound!

Infusions are easily personalized, you could very well make a few different batches and hand out various treats to your family but I like to brew one big batch of something flavorful, label it with the particular year it was made, and then give it away with a bow on top. Over the years I have infused many different liquids, and I will now look at the options with you.

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Home and Family: Thanksgiving

Every year in November I am thrilled to help my sister prepare Thanksgiving. This year was a little different! With my move across the country we had to celebrate separately, so from my home to hers I am sending a very hearty thanks for all the years we've spent making memories.

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Home & Family: Candied Fruit

Preserving fruit with sugar is a centuries-old tradition that seems to rear its head every Christmas. As we celebrate Christmas in July with Hallmark, take to heart some candying tips. Get started on this now and you'll have gifts aplenty on your shelf to dole out come December! 

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Candied Lemon Peel

This is not a new trick, it is simply good, old, cooking at its best. When we slowly replace water content in food with sugar we act to reduce the amount of H2O necessary to support the growth of bacteria and microbes. Which is to say, we preserve the food. Sugar is a most excellent prison for your lemons. Keep them alive far past their due date with this solution.

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Yes, the trail of British colonization/oppression left us with a unique flavor map that is hard to describe without looking through the lens of conquest. I started with the wintry walnut, and thought it might be nice to pair them with currants (I always like a bit of a chew to balance the crunch of the nut when I serve these). I steered the bowl around to early English colonies, picking up some palm sugar to sweeten the nuts and some ground cloves and ginger to spice them. I thought they needed some perfume, and so zested the rind of a few oranges for good measure. They were still missing something, so I took one more trip back around the globe and picked up a heady crush of ground black pepper. With that, I was done. A food map based on British Imperialism, potentially insensitive, definitely delicious.